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Canada Tops Belgium In Opener Of Olympic Women’s Basketball Qualifier


While “van” denotes “of”, Dutch surnames are sometimes associated with the upper class of society or aristocracy (cf. William of Orange). However, in Dutch van typically displays the original place of origin (Van Der Bilt – He who comes from De Bilt); rather than denote any aristocratic standing.

Girls In Brussels

The Belgian health care system is supervised and financed by the federal government, the Flemish and Walloon Regional governments; and the German Community additionally has (oblique) oversight and obligations. According to 2012 estimates, the average life expectancy is seventy nine.65 years.


These agreements mean that instead of an individual having to barter their salary directly with their employer, there is a framework in place that determines who will get paid what for the precise type of job they do and the tasks they carry out. In terms of wage increases, these are usually indexed to the cost of residing in Belgium.

While other international locations across the globe are solely just starting to make gender pay gaps public, in Belgium this has been standard practice for a few years. Interestingly, any companies who’ve 50 employees or extra have to report their pay knowledge every two years as a minimum. In different countries, such as the UK, laws often only apply to employers who have greater than 250 workers.


Bobbejaan Schoepen has been a pioneer in Belgian vaudeville and pop music because the late Forties. Not only was he the primary Belgian singer to handle an international breakthrough, he was also the primary to use trendy gear, a private tourbus and a system of artist sponsoring. He additionally launched the first country & western recordings in the Low Countries and Germany.

However, the favored notion of being a single group varies tremendously, relying on material, locality, and personal background. Generally, the Flemish will seldom identify themselves as being Dutch and vice versa, especially on a national stage. This is partly caused by the favored stereotypes in the Netherlands as well as Flanders, which are largely based mostly on the “cultural extremes” of each Northern and Southern tradition, together with in religious id. Though these stereotypes are inclined to ignore the transitional area shaped by the Southern provinces of the Netherlands and most Northern reaches of Belgium, leading to overgeneralizations. This self-perceived cut up between Flemings and Dutch, regardless of the frequent language, could also be compared to how Austrians do not consider themselves to be Germans, despite the similarities they share with southern Germans such as Bavarians.

Female mobilization largely focused on care, the safety of youngsters, and charity, in accordance with a division of labor reflecting social class. But women additionally enrolled within the workplace work of charities, or in the companies that delivered letters and parcels to soldiers and prisoners.

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